New Disinfectant Sanitiser Product to Combat C. Difficile 027 Spores, MRSA, Norovirus, etc


Animal Shampoo Specially formulated to protect the animal and ensure a thorough wash

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Features and Benefits

  • High Performing
  • Low foaming
  • Refined shine & gloss on coat
  • Suitable in all water conditions
  • Contains germ killilng properties
  • Not over perfumed

Rub & Scrub is a broad ranging shampoo with effective cleaning agents specially
selected to protect the animal and to ensure they are given a thorough wash. Rub
& Scrub can be used on any animal with a coat requiring maintenance of its shine
and gloss leaving it with no grease or scum. Rub & Scrub can help to prevent itching
and leave the animal with a fresh smell.

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