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Drain Cleaning & Blocked Drains


Drains are crucial to maintaining a clean, hygienic and odour free environment, as they are our main disposal channel of liquid waste. If drains become blocked, not only will waste be prevented from passing through, but also a build-up of soil and bacteria will occur, closely followed by strong unwanted smells.

Do you need to worry about drains?

In our experience most people don’t think about drains until a problem presents itself. At Sky Chemicals we aim to encourage you to consider drains as part of your regular cleaning regime as is in keeping with our recommended hygiene control plan.

It is important to consider that, regardless of industry, problem drains potentially affect everyone – there are no exceptions. Of course, there are industries, which because of the nature of their work and the materials they use, suffer from blocked drains and unwanted smells more frequently than others. For example, a meat processing factory will potentially have more problems than a nursing home. However, anywhere that has and uses drains cannot avoid the effects of problem drains by simply ignoring them. Regular cleaning coupled with preventative measures will ensure free flowing drains without offensive smells.

As with any cleaning and hygiene issue prevention is equally important to the cure. The following information will enable you to maintain free flowing and odourless drains, through a process of using high quality products and good cleaning practices.

Recommended Practices

It is strongly advised that all solids are disposed of in a waste bin or via another method which does not involve the drainage system. You should recognise that it is practically impossible to avoid small solids escaping your attention but you should aim to remove as much as possible

Solids are not the only cause of a blocked drain, thick liquids such as fats, blood or water containing other thickening agents can be equally problematic if they are not appropriately treated.

  • Following a regular but simple procedure will prevent a build up within drains:
  • Regularly clean grease traps (2 or more times per week)
  • Remove and dispose of as much solid from equipment and cutlery etc before you wash/rinse them.
  • Clean gullies daily
  • Use recommended products regularly (as instructed on COSHH Sheet)

Recommended Products

We do not supply traditional caustic/acid drain cleaners, instead we offer modern formulations which are safer to use but equally effective. An alternative biological option is also available.

STORM: Drain/Gully Cleaner

For use in all industries, Storm is highly effective at removing and preventing blockages from drains at all levels and it is a 100% active. The products advanced formula enables it to be powerful yet solvent free and non-tainting with a natural citrus odour


  • Unblocks and helps prevent blocked drains in the long term
  • Industrial strength formula
  • Removes/emulsifies severe grease/fat build ups
  • Solvent free – no ventilation problem
  • Natural citrus fragrance
  • 100% Active ingredients – clings to surface
  • Safer than traditional caustic or acid based cleaners
  • For use on Drains , gullies,  sinks and grease traps

MAGMA: Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner

Magma is a heavy duty drain cleaner which emulsifies fat and grease deposits for free flowing drains. Regular use will keep drains clear for reliable long term protection against blocked drains. Magma is ideal for use in food industries, kitchens, butchers shops and restaurants.


  • 100% active ingredients – highly effective emulsifier
  • Keeps drains, gullies, grease traps, waste disposal units and refuge chutes free from grease and fat build ups
  • Safer than acid and caustic based drain cleaners
  • Controls odours

BIO CLEAR: Biological Drain/Grease Trap Maintainer

For use in all industries, Bio Clear is a biological liquid product which contains naturally occurring micro-organisms to help keep drains free flowing. Regular use is recommended for effective and natural results.


  • Will help keep drains free flowing
  • Naturally occurring micro-organisms will digest fat/grease
  • Controls odours
  • Safe to use
  • Faint but pleasant fragrance


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