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Odour Control


Unwanted smells are a common problem and most establishments suffer from odour problems at one time or another. The following information is designed to highlight the important issues when trying to remove unwanted smells from rooms and varying surfaces along with product recommendations.


Prevention is better than the cure. You will find that most unwanted smells can be avoided by ensuring certain tasks are performed.

Where possible keep areas well ventilated by opening windows regularly/using air conditioning. Allowing air to circulated prevents stale smells from lingering.

Cleaning is a very important part of keeping areas fresh and free from bad odours. Effective cleaning prevents a build up of materials which may cause smells – Regular structured cleaning is highly recommended (including drains). Many smells originate from spillages which are not successfully cleaned up. It is essential that all spillages are cleaned up thoroughly to ensure that the contaminated surface is free from residue.

Smells are an indicator of bacteria and can only be eradicated when bacteria are successfully removed. This means that traditional air fresheners which may temporarily mask the smell will not remove the smell at the source. It is recommended that ‘odour neutralisers’ are used and not ‘ air fresheners’

Locating Smells

Locating the source of bad odours is not always as easy as it sounds. If the smell is coming from a particular room allow your nose to guide you to the problem and target the specific area. However, it is not always possible to specifically locate the smell, in which case it is necessary to odour neutralise the room completely to ensure the smell is eradicated.


A common cause of bad smells is blocked or built-up drains. Drains must be cleared with appropriate drain cleaner to remove the bacteria and build up at the source of the bad odour. It is not sufficient to surface spray around the area. Consider that warm weather and poor disposal of solids makes smells more prominent. Drains should be regularly treated.

Appropriate fragrances:

There are many highly fragranced products available which are both appealing and suitable for most areas. However, it should be taken into consideration that not all areas are suitable for fragranced or perfumed products. For example, food preparation areas and dining areas must use odourless products to avoid food contamination. (Please refer to product recommendations).

How we can help:

Sky Chemicals offer a wide range of cleaning chemicals specially formulated to deal with bad odours.

Recommended: MAGIC: Urine/Odour Neutraliser Features:


  • Dispels unpleasant odours at the source
  • Eliminates strong odours such as urine, vomit, perspiration and smoke
  • Highly effective and quick acting
  • Long lasting pleasant fragrance
  • Ready to use formulation
  • Suitable for use on a range of surfaces

For use in/on: Surfaces such as carpets, fabrics, urinals, waste and rubbish bins, ashtrays, drains and chutes. Ideal for use in Nursing homes, public rooms, reception areas, kennels and catteries – on any odour

Recommended: AURA: Deodoriser


  • Kills odour producing fungi and bacteria
  • Neutralises unpleasant odours
  • A blend of three active ingredients
  • Contains specially selected aroma oils
  • Economic – fragrance last for days and not just hours
  • Candy fragrance
  • Useful for air sanitising

For use on/in: Washrooms, floors, toilets, urinals, drains, cisterns, etc. Effective on waste and rubbish bins, rubbish carts, waste disposal chutes, kennel and catteries carpets and entrance matting etc.

Recommended: ACTIVE: Highly Concentrated Odour Neutraliser


  • Quickly freshens areas
  • Dispels unpleasant odours
  • Long lasting perfume for a range of surfaces
  • Recommended for wiping hard surfaces
  • Can be added to carpet shampoo solution

For use on/in: Offices, hotels, nursing homes, public rooms, reception areas and washrooms – or anywhere that unpleasant areas are an issue.

Product: BIOGEN: Odourless Disinfectant Cleaner


  • Odourless – food safe
  • Kills a wide rage of bacteria and viruses
  • Removes soiling and disinfects in one application
  • Helps prevent cross infection
  • Kills a range of pathogenic micro-organisms, including the viruses that cause HIV, Hepatitis B and MRSA
  • BS EN 1276:1997 approved (British Standards)
  • Use on carpets and hard surfaces

Product: STORM: Drain/Gully Cleaner
For use in all industries, Storm is highly effective at removing and preventing blockages from drains at all levels. The products advanced formula enables it to be powerful yet odourless, solvent free and non-tainting. As a high quality product only a small amount is needed for regular cleaning (50 – 100ml). Subsequently the product is extremely cost effective.

  • Unblocks and helps prevent blockage
  • Industrial strength formula
  • Odourless and taint free
  • Removes severe grease/fat build ups
  • Solvent free – no ventilation problem
  • Active gel – clings to surface
  • For use on drains and gullies


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