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Bar and Cellar Cleaning Guide


Each area and industry encounters different kinds of cleaning and hygiene issues. This is primarily because each industry or even each establishment produces or attracts different types of soiling. Soiling can often occur as a result of a number of specific things, such as what kind of equipment is used? Is the area used by the general public? What types of dirt and soiling are present? The bar industry, like any other, has a specific list of variables which need to be acknowledged in order to maintain a clean and hygienic environment appropriate to that industry.

The Main Cleaning and Hygiene issues to consider:

  • Pubs and bars are used by the public which means you are not in control of the dirt/soiling they bring in with them and although busy periods vary, ultimately you are cleaning up after a substantial amount of people who cause many types of soiling/dirt.
  • Soiling is easily transferred from person to surface, particularly in the bar area. For example, hands which constantly hold glasses touch tables, ashtrays, eat crisps/nuts, hold cigarettes, and also visit the bathroom but do not always get washed! This is a concern, not just because of transferable soiling, but also because of the risk of cross infection and the transfer of bacteria.
  • Spillages are a part of daily life in the bar industry. Unfortunately liquids such as beer and other alcoholic drinks leave behind more than just a wet patch. Beer is made up of yeasts and proteins which are not only sticky but also attract flies, cause unpleasant odours and can stain work surfaces.
  • Glassware is in constant use. Paying customers expect clean glasses to drink from. It is highly likely that customers will be put of by dirty, hazed or dull glassware. The same applies for cutlery and dishes in bars which serve food.
  • Cleaning products must be odourless and taint free to ensure that drinks and food are not contaminated with perfume.
  • Clean equipment is essential, dirty glass wash machines, optics, ice machines or beer pipe lines all affect the quality of the drink and service you can provide to your customers.
  • Hygienic practices are essential to prevent germs and bacteria passing from one person to another. Unfortunately you cannot ensure all of your customers wash their hands but what you can do is make it easy for them by keeping soap dispensers full or even by applying ‘please wash your hands’ posters behind the washroom door.


Taking the above important points into consideration, we recommend:

  • That you use cleaning products which are most suitable for the common problems in the bar industry. Remember that it is not always necessary to buy many different products (with the exception of specialist areas or equipment) and not all products are compatible.
  • We strongly suggest that you introduce a cleaning schedule and ensure that all staff members are trained – this will allow you to successfully maintain a hygienic environment with regular and controlled cleaning practices. All staff should be generally aware of hygiene issues within the bar area.
  • Keep hygiene resources available to customers e.g. soaps, paper towels/working hand dryers and even wall posters for washroom areas.

How we can help:

Sky Chemicals offer a wide range of cleaning chemicals for the bar industry coupled with specialist knowledge and advice.

Recommended: DAZZLE: Glass Wash

  • High quality concentrated detergent
  • Pre-softened; works in hard/soft water areas
  • Non foaming – won’t inhibit cleaning
  • Biodegradable and phosphate free
  • Use in any automatic glass wash machine

Recommended: LUSTRE: Rinse Aid

  • Leaves a sparkling finish
  • Prevents spots and hazing on glassware
  • Suitable for all machines
  • Suitable for automatic dosing and manual
  • Very low foam


  • Excellent stain removal properties
  • Returns glasses to sparkling condition
  • Anti-bacterial – kills bacteria, yeast and mould
  • Low foam – maximum cleaning action
  • Easy to use – just replaces your original detergent
  • Machine cleaner and sanitiser

Recommended: SUPREME: Automatic Machine Descaler

  • Use in all types of automatic dish and glass washing machines
  • Quickly removes soil and limescale build ups
  • Highly concentrated


Recommended: REMEDY: Multi-Purpose Cleaner/ Degreaser

  • Kills bacteria and fungi inc. salmonella and E-coli, MRSA and more
  • Helps prevent beer flies
  • Removes beer stains and stickiness
  • Use on all washable hard surfaces
  • Odourless – will not contaminate drinks or food
  • Easily removes, sticky residue, fat, grease and ingrained soiling
  • Ideal kitchen degreaser and sanitiser

Use on/in: Bar and cellar areas, on hard surfaces, in kitchen/dining areas. Also suitable for porcelain, stainless steel, concrete and stone.


Recommended: RAINBOW: Coloured Beer Line Cleaner

  • Changes colour for ease of use
  • Colour indicates when the line is clean
  • Sanitises – Guaranteed to kill yeast and bacteria
  • Use in hand pumps or pressurised systems
  • Economical formula allows you to save time and money

Recommended: EXPRESS: Traditional Beer Line Cleaner

  • Kills bacteria and yeast
  • Odour free and taint free
  • Cleaning pipes ensures beer is in top condition
  • Use in hand pumps of pressurised systems
  • Cleans pipes quickly and effectively
  • Concentrated product


Recommended: OPTIC CLEANER

  • Effective cleaner for spirit measures
  • High foaming
  • Odourless
  • Bactericidal
  • Effective in both hard and soft water areas
  • Will also clean crockery, glassware and cooking utensils, floors, walls and other hard surfaces


Recommended: STORM: Powerful Drain Cleaner

  • Unblocks and helps prevent blockage
  • Industrial strength formula
  • Removes severe grease/fat build ups
  • Solvent free – no ventilation problem
  • Active gel – clings to surface
  • For use on drains and gullies


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