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Effectively and quickly removes fat and food deposits, unperfumed

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Features and Benefits

  • Breaks down fat and grease
  • Unperfumed (Use in kitchen without contaminating food)
  • Keeps drains free flowing
  • Reduces grease trap service
  • Easy to use

Dissolve is an effective drain cleaner which is specially formulated to remove fat and food deposits from drains, gulleys and waste and outlet pipes. Dissolve works quickly and regular use ensures free flowing drains to prevent future blockages. Dissolve also combats unpleasant odours and can also be used to unblock sinks.

Much of the cause of drain and pipe blockage is due to three major problems:

Firstly, limescale that comes from high levels of magnesium and calcium salts in the water can build up in pipes and drains. If it is left untreated it will slow down waste removal holding back fats and organic matter which may eventually block the outlets. Some companies deal with the limescale problem by fitting in water softeners, but even so, the limescale will still be deposited and will need to be controlled to prevent future blockages.

Secondly, another cause of blockage is due to organic matters like food, fat, oil, grease, tissues, sanitary products, hygienic waste, etc.  And to deal with these matters we recommend a highly powerful acidic cleaning product that will break down all organic matters. We recommend using our approved acidic drain maintainer Dissolve. Dissolve is normally used for more immediate impact where there is an existing blockage.

Finally, outside drains can struggle to cope with things like mud, tree leaves, sand, and other silica material. Silica is the most difficult problem to deal with, generally by removing the other two materials from the drain the silica can flow freely out of the drainage system under the pressure of running water however Dissolve penetrates through sand and silica and can assist the removal of these deposits.

The only way you can prevent blockages from the build up of limescale, organic matter, and silica is to use our approved acidic based drain cleaner that will dissolve the issues.  Our approved acid based drain maintainer is called Dissolve; we recommend pouring 1 litre down into the drains on a weekly to fortnightly basis to prevent the build up of these 3 causes of blockages.

Dissolve comes with free COSHH information and is packaged in a box of 6 1 litre containers.

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