New Disinfectant Sanitiser Product to Combat C. Difficile 027 Spores, MRSA, Norovirus, etc

PROGEN - Ready To Use

Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Detergent. BS EN 1276 Approved

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Features and Benefits

  • Kills MRSA bacteria and Shingella sonnej and (Dysentry) amongst others
  • Can be used on a range of hard surfaces
  • Clean fresh fragrance
  • Meets the requirements of BS EN 1276:1997
  • Handy 750 ml spray gun

PROGEN is a multi purpose bactericidal disinfectant and detergent in one. PROGEN can be used as part of a cross infection control system as it is effective against M.R.S.A, E-Coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Legionella and a range of harmful bacteria.

It is tested and approved by British and European Standards BS EN 1276. PROGEN is ieal for use in Clinical environments, nursing homes, schools, leisure centres or any area where there may be a risk of cross infection.


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